Never used WordPress, have to create a client website and I’m so st(f)uck(ed)

Hi y’all – long story short, the VP that did web development left my company and our higher ups won’t bring someone on to help build the website so I’m doing it myself from scratch on elementor/Wordpress. It needs to go live in the next two weeks & we have a demo today to show them functionality. I have NO idea what I’m doing and I’m starting to sort it out but would anyone be able to review the site with me and let me know what I need to fix or connect so the pages all link & load correctly? I can pay out of pocket since my company won’t help & I need to get this client situated.

  1. I could help , im on work so i could do it with you after work, no payment needed , but i assume it will be late for you , if not – dm me

  2. Why won’t the company hire a developer?

    Do they pay mechanics to fix their car, or builders to build their house? The web is no different. Do you know about sever performance optimisation, image compression, seo, backup, ssl, dns, etc?

  3. Nothing to worry boss. I run a WP agency and will connect you directly with the best WordPress man. Shoot me an inbox. Let’s kick your worries away. ✔️ ✅️

  4. It’s probably good to put this in here, so that others get an idea of the scope:

    1) do you have a design ready or are you making it up as you go?
    2) are you using a theme or building from scratch?
    3) how many pages is it?
    4) are you updating an old site? Is this the staging environment? Do you know how to deploy?

  5. If you don’t have access to Elementor pro. I can only say good luck… However, if you do have it. Enable the container functionality in dashboard > Elementor > settings > advanced/experiments. Then look for the setting ‘flex-box’.

    Here’s an extremely basic way to accomplish your request.

    1). Create a blank page

    dashboard > pages > new page > build with Elementor

    2). Add a section by clicking on the “+” on the development canvas

    3). There’s predefined responsive layout containers you can use ex:// 2×2 3×3 1×3 2×3 etc..

    4). Once the section is added, now drag and drop your desired element on the canvas, and style it by clicking on the element. Then use the property settings on the side bar

    If you’re looking to spend money. You’re better off buying a theme that’s compatible with Elementor


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