New to wordpress and I broke someones website

Hello all,

I was recently given the task of working on someones wordpress site, which is also hosted on Nobody has worked on the site in over a year, and the last person who did has been gone for a while. I made a mistake and changed the domain password on and now wordpress is crashing due to it. I know the password can be rerouted in the wp-config.php file. But I have never worked with wordpress before. Where do I find this file so I can make changes to it? I am dying of anxiety right now!!!!!

  1. *”changed the domain password on* [**](*”* – What do you mean by “domain password”?

    Did you change something in WordPress itself?

    What is the actual problem/error/what are you seeing?

  2. Why would you do that? Why would you need to?

    Anyway, just copy that password into wp-config.php and update ‘DB_PASSWORD’ and hit save

  3. You can also look for backups from your hosting provider and see if that resolves your wp-config.php issue.

  4. I see that you’ve fixed the issue with help from this sub. Seriously if you didn’t already know where the wp-config.php file is located in a WordPress installation, then you have no business making changes to a live site until you’ve spent some time learning how it all works.


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