New to WordPress – Any Tutorials?

I am new to WordPress but have experience working in Squarespace. I do not have a developer background or knowledge. I would love to continue using Squarespace because it’s pretty user-friendly, but I need to use a plug in that is only available through WP. I have some specific questions, but am mostly looking for a **general tutorial** on how to set up pages and change the visuals on them.

The header image keeps making itself much larger once I click “update” on the edit page, and it looks terrible. Is there a way to keep it the size I want once I update? I have tried locking the image but it didn’t work.

The plug in I was using looked good visually and worked, and then all of a sudden fell apart and just visually looks like strings of code on my preview. Is this a WP thing, or the plug in?

I just don’t have the knowledge to use this in an efficient way, and it is super frustrating to have been so close with the plug in working for it to fall apart.

Could use any tips and tricks, or good vibes. Thanks!


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