New user of this PlugIn

I’m fairly new to designing Websites in WordPress and I think your plugin might be what I’m looking for. I have a few related questions that I hope you can help me with…

Currently, the client’s website is hosted on a temporary domain and they also have a live site at (it’s NOT a WordPress site). The webhost says that in order to transfer the NEW WordPress website (that I’m currently designing) to the existing domain, I need to export all the files using sftp and then export the databases using their myphp export feature on their dashboard. I’m then told I need to import both. The Webhost’s process is quite a complex one and I’m looking for a simpler, more streamlined solution. I’m assuming that if I follow their advice, I’m also going to need to go through all the internal links on the transferred site and change them to point to the new domain?

Would your plugin help with any of this? In other words will it ‘save’ all the pages, save all the databases AND allow me to search and replace the old domain name with the new one before I export (using the ‘search and replace’ feature?) Is it then just a case of installing your plugin on the ’empty’ WordPress site on the new domain and then import the exported file? I read something somewhere about ‘serialisation’ that suggests you can’t simply search and replace urls? – have I misunderstood that part?

Are there any other issues that I need to be aware of?

I notice there’s an export function within WordPress where I can export ‘everything’. Does your Plugin do more than the built in WordPress export/import function?

Thanks for your help. Steve


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