Newb here! Help! – Password protected material.

Hostgator has removed the software I used, (Basekit), to maintain my website, so now I have to rebuild it from scratch, probably using WordPress and Elementor. We sell 6 levels of textbook and the website contains supporting material. We want this material restricted, via password, to the students who purchased the yearly textbook. Currently, we tell the students the password and they get access to all 6 textbook’s materials. Ideally we would like to restrict the students to only the level they purchased. Eg. ‘Yellow Level 1’ students are given the password ‘banana’, Orange Level 2, ‘carrot’ etc. Is it better (easier) to do this all in one website, OR, create 6 separate subdomains and websites for each book that are accessed from the main website. Eg. Main website has general sales info and a button for ‘homestudy’ – On the ‘homestudy page’, there are links to the 6 separate websites that are password protected. Any help appreciated.


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