Newbie advice

Hi all,

I am trying to build a website for a high school project that generates custom workout plans based on the input provided by the user which is based on a series of subsequent questions (gender, age, experience etc.). This plan should be visible in their account and sent to their email.

I have 0 experience in web development and looking into multiple options for this. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and even Shopify. Which would be the best option for a total beginner?

Teacher conditions:

1) 2 languages (English and Spanish)

2) There needs to be a payment processor embedded for the subscription based model to work

I would highly appreciate any help and advice from this sub!

  1. How will the custom workout plans be generated? By a human or code? This isn’t a simple project for someone with no experience.

  2. For someone with no experience, multi-language, user accounts and payment processing is a *really* big ask.


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