Nginx vs LiteSpeed for WordPress Blogging?

So basically, let me first clarify that it will be pretty hard to use Litespeed in my case.

My website is a NuxtJS application which is a VueJS based Javascript frontend framework. It allows to create SEO Friendly SPA efficiently. And within the website I am running wordpress on /blog folder.

Till now, I have been using simple HTML/CSS with PHP on my website, but now i am thinking to switch to NuxtJS to create a SPA. All content, meta tags will be same, just the website will be on Nuxt. And i hope there should be no seo impacts as the content, images, meta tags etc. remains same.

So till now, with PHP it was pretty easy because my website was also on PHP and wordpress is also php based, so i can simply host my main website and wordpress together in cpanel.

But now, NuxtJS is different. We run it using PM2 on port 3000, we tried running the nuxtjs project on nginx and it worked perfectly by proxypassing to port 3000, and we could add a /blog location and make nginx service that with php.

But till now, We have been using LiteSpeed with PHP. Now if we suddenly shift to Nginx would there be any performance issues? Coz our /blog is indexed on google our main website is also indexed on google and most of our business runs from google search rankings and we can’t always stay with PHP, we need to make our website a bit advanced and awesome so we had to implement nuxt.

I am asking suggestions from you guys, what do you think?


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