NinjaTables – Feasibility of some Design and Functionality Changes I want to Implement?

There are a few design and functionality changes that I’d be interested in potentially implementing on my websites Ninja Tables implementation (Woocommerce site. Data is populated with products. Each individual product organized by row with attributes in column).  The website is not live yet.  Just wondering if any of you have any experience with design and functionality modifications to fit your specific needs and high level what would be required for what I’m considering having implemented.

I will be hiring someone to code and develop these for me so just trying to get an idea of what I should expect and type of developer to see out.


* **Changing location of filters:** Instead of having the filters located above the table, I may be interested in having them located to the side of the table.   Somewhat like the filters on a Woocommerce shop page for example.


* **Column header (Attributes) as Filter Dropdown:** Alternatively, another option would be having column headers/titles could work as filter dropdowns when clicked on.  ex: how it works in Excel.


* **Providing the visitor the ability to select columns (attributes) they want to view/hide:** I’m imagining checkboxes above the table that allow the visitor to add/hide columns from displaying within the table at their choosing.  I have quite a few attributes for the products that will be populate the table and can’t list all, so would prefer to enable the visitor to choose what columns they find most important.


Essentially, are these design/functionality changes feasible, assuming I find a knowledgeable coder?  High level, what would be required to achieve these?  Some basic CSS/HTML?  Javascript? Combination of both.  Is it a big job or relatively straightforward?

I also reached out to their support to inquire but figure a variety of responses and opinions are welcome. Side note, if you or you happen to know of someone that believes that can accomplish these, I’d be interested in discussing the project further and potentially hiring you.



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