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Hi– thanks for using Force Login!

First, you’ll need the following example script to bypass Force Login and make an exception for your landing page:

 * Bypass Force Login to allow for exceptions.
 * @param bool $bypass Whether to disable Force Login. Default false.
 * @return bool
function my_forcelogin_bypass( $bypass ) {

  // Allow 'My Landing Page' to be publicly accessible
  if ( is_page('landing-page') ) {
    $bypass = true;

  return $bypass;
add_filter( 'v_forcelogin_bypass', 'my_forcelogin_bypass' );

Set the 'landing-page' string in is_page() to be your landing page slug or ID.

The rest of my advice is outside the scope of this plugin. I recommend you hire a developer to help you customize this for you.

Next, you may use the login_url filter to change what page WordPress links to for the login URL. The code example you shared should work, just set the site_url() to the custom login page you want.

Good luck!

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Stylish, thank you very much.



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