Odd IP Hits on Site

Hi, I’ve noticed on one of my sites I’m getting hits from humans according to WordFence but for each URL someone visits they also visit a corresponding “undefined” page that shows a 404 page.

I can’t imagine humans wanting to go to the same URL only ending with “undefined.” Can anyone help me understand what’s going on? WordFence gives it a clean scan multiple times as does VirusTotal.

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  1. “undefined” being used is similar to seeing “NaN” used: a bad value from Javascript (the first when you try to get a value from a variable that isn’t yet defined, the second, the result when you try to do math on something that is Not A Number)

    If you are seeing this in your URL, look for where Javascript can be manipulating the links. Since it is coming at the end of the url that DOES work, my guess would be that it is something that is trying to append a query string onto the URL for some reason (probably tracking), so you go to `www.domain.com/news-page` and it would be trying to make the link be `www.domain.com/news-page?something=somevalue` However where it is trying to place `?something=somevalue` is trying to come from a variable that wasn’t defined, thus, you are getting `www.doamin.com/news-pageundefined`

    There would not be much more to advise on this without going the page in question and looking at it.


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