Odd WordPress FSE Query block behaviour I would really appreciate any suggestions – Thanks.

TLDR – Query loop showing post content in editing mode but not on the site.

I think this may have to do with the page template rendering a different copy of the blog posts…? FSE is a bit of a headache TBH…

I haven’t used WordPress in a while, but when someone non technical asked me to make a quick blog I thought why not. Long story short I decided to use the FSE as this is a very basic site, but I am having a weird issue where the query loop is displaying content on both the “edit page” as well as the page editing view as well. However when navigating to the actual site non of the blog posts are rendered and there is no HTML inside the parent column div? This is very strange to me and this is the first (most likely last) time I have used the FSE so I am bit lost as to why this is happening. I have added images to help explain the issue and can link a github repo if that would help…





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  1. I seemed to have fixed the issue by toggling the Inherit query from template option off in the full site editor option. Seems odd that it is on by default. Figured this out via this post on Github. https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/28334Leaving it up here incase anyone runs into a similar issue. A bit of a dumb mistake.

    I feel like the FSE is a bit strange cause it really limits your ability to create something truly custom, yet it’s really not super intuitive. I guess it has it’s place but I don’t think I will use it again after I wrap this little project up…..


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