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You can add your shipping cost to the sale price, wherever you are setting your eBay price in WP-Lister.

Let’s review the different ways you can provide pricing to your eBay listings with WP-Lister.

1.) Within the edit product page under the “eBay Options” section you will see a “Price / Start Price” field, this field allows you to enter a price that will over ride all other settings. Whatever you enter in this field will be used as the eBay price for the listing and no matter what you change your WC price to, it won’t effect the eBay price, only this field will.

2.) In the listing profile you can set a price as well under the “Price / Start Price” field. Any listing assigned to this listing profile will use that price (good option if all of the prices are the same for these products).

3.) You can also use a % to increase or decrease the price in the listing profile under the “Price / Start Price” field. For example +5% would take the Woocommerce price and add 5% to the price when listing the item to eBay. -5% would reduce the price 5% when listing to eBay. This is good if you have a + increase you want to apply to all items on eBay

If there is no custom price set in the “Price / Start Price” field of the edit product page, then by default the WC price is used on eBay. You can also use a compatible CSV plugin to populate the “Price / Start Price” field in bulk.

When updating your listings, please take note if your listings are “locked” or “unlocked”. Please see the documentation here-

Then simply set at least your first shipping method cost to 0 wherever you are providing your eBay shipping options in WP-Lister.

You should also set the “Enable free shipping” setting in the listing profile of WP-Lister to “Yes”

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Thanks John! That all makes sense.


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