On mobile, how do I fix the “Add to Cart” button so that the letters aren’t squished together and cover each other?

The button is super wide so I don’t see why it’s happening.

Site: [https://giftgivers.us/product/fastest-wifi-extender-booster-2023-release-up-to-74-faster-broader-coverage-than-ever-wifi-signal-booster-for-home-internet-wifi-repeater-w-ethernet-port/](https://giftgivers.us/product/fastest-wifi-extender-booster-2023-release-up-to-74-faster-broader-coverage-than-ever-wifi-signal-booster-for-home-internet-wifi-repeater-w-ethernet-port/)


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  1. You have 200px of padding on either side of the button (and 20px on the top/bottom).

    The 200px on left/right is what’s causing the text to be squashed together/overlap on mobile. Remove that, or set some mobile-only CSS for that button.

    Edit: just tested, and if you just set the padding to 20px, but with 100% width on mobile, all your problems (with the button) will be fixed.


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