Our client needs his website to be accessed on 3 domains.

How can we do this, 3 domains and one wordpress installation, this will be cheaper option for us and him rather than creating 3 copies of a WordPress installation to install in each domain. Any assistance is valuable.

  1. Out of curiosity, why? There’s no SEO value to this, if that’s the intent.

    And are we talking one top level domain or one top level and two subdomains?

    I’ve never seen a request like this so legit curious.

  2. If it’s the exact same website you can simply point all 3 domains to it and can access the website via all of them. I have 2 domains for my website. A .co.za and .com versions of my domain name and simply have a redirect set up to the .com version etc.

  3. This is a weird request, are you sure you can’t simply have the other two domains as aliases and then create redirects so that requests to domain-2.com and domain-3.com all redirect to domain-1.com?

    The site is still accessible then by keying in the other domains, but everything gets redirected.

  4. Tell the client that it’s a bad idea – the seo will suffer and it will confuse users. 301 Redirect the other domains to the main site.

  5. You can do this with multi-site features. I think you can activate that in native WordPress, but I’m not super familiar it.

    Look up WordPress multi-site

    Edit: you’d have to redirect two of the domains to the other one. CloudFlare is your friend here, but that depends on your hosting. Some have redirect management built in


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