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Hi @mjnswp,

Thank you for your inquiry. Copying the BannerPresets.php file is neither possible nor necessary to solve your problem.

Just go to Cookies > Import / Export in your WordPress backend. There you can enable only “Cookie banner customization” when exporting, which will export only the customizations of the cookie banner in the customizer. On your new website, you can import the settings in the same place with just two clicks.

I hope this solves the problem for you!

Best regards,


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thanks for the quick reply.

Sadly that wouldn’t solve my problem. For example I would like the default button color to be var(–maincolor) from my child-theme css file. Exporting and importing settings wouldn’t help, since that variable ofcourse changes from customer to customer.

It’s kinda hard targeting the banner elements with css, because they mostly don’t have any classes or ids.


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