Paid E-mail Newsletter plugin?

Hi everyone.
I‘m struggling with my wp site.
I just want to publish a paid newsletter with a monthly and yearly subscripion plan.
The person I chattet with for help didn‘t even know it was possible to do it with the „subscription“ block and told me I sould use the „premium content“ block.
After I sent him/her a screenshot of my „subscribe“ form that shows it‘s possible he/she just said: oh than I was wrong before.

So since I can‘t even trust the WP employees I have to ask you people, if you have any advice or wheter I should use a Mailchimp or sendinblue plugin.

Currently I have no customers, but since I want to send a daily newsletter the mailchimp plugin is just for a small number of subscribers (for a reasonable amount of money)

Thank you.

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  1. Ghost does this as an included function.[](


    If this was my sole purpose for my website, I’d probably use it rather than configuring a bunch of plug ins, and services in WordPress. The main con is that the price goes up with more subscribers.

    Or you can just use Substack.


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