Paying for template Vs paying for developer Vs paying for UI/UX designer and try build myself while chewing on thumb in frustration.

Hey guys, I am in need of a website for a small business, when I mean small, I mean literally small. I am currently on fiverr, however they take 20% which is honestly alot. So I am wanting to try creating my own branding and site, and do some marketing. (See how it goes). So my budget isn’t very high, it’s more to test waters, and learn something new.

That being said I have no experience in wordpress or creating any website for that matter. So Im not sure if I should buy templates or hire someone to code website for me. Alternatively I want the website to be visually appealing, so maybe I can pay for design and try make myself

Always open to suggestions and alternative thanks.

(Budget around $100)


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  1. There are some good free template plugins.

    One is called “Starter Templates”.


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