PayPal Buttons not showing up

Hi @lenny97

Here is the notice showing on your checkout page:

Please connect your PayPal account before using PayPal..

You must click either the Connect button on the API Settings page or enter your API keys so the plugin is connected to your PayPal business account.

Kind Regards,

I’m sorry, my fault: the alert is showing up because i tested the website deactivating all the plugins and switching to the default theme, but it was not working at all.

So i took last night’s backup and restored it without reconnecting the APIs credential.

Anyway, the problem is still there. I’m reconnecting now the account so you can check it out, if needed i will provide you admin login to test.

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Here is the error that’s preventing PayPal from loading:

"SDK Validation error: 'Invalid query value for client-id:'".

You have entered an incorrect Client ID for your PayPal account.

Solved that, now getting more errors.

Can you check please? There’re loads of them in the console. I don’t know what’s causing them…

@lenny97 Those error messages are more like notices and they are harmless.

They’re triggered when the PayPal button has to re-render when WooCommerce refreshes the checkout page hmtl. They do not affect anything.

Thank you, just tested and working fine!


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