Perseo Feedback System – A new open source feedback system for WordPress

Hello r/Wordpress!

I’m excited to share a new simple project just released: the **Perseo Feedback System**.
It’s an open-source WordPress plugin that enables site owners to effortlessly collect user feedback on their pages.

The plugin shows a simple question 5 seconds after a page loads: “Did you find this page useful?” with options for “Yes” and “No” \[*The question is currently in Italian, but it can be easily modified to any other language in the code*\]. The feedback is then stored in the WordPress database, allowing site owners to better understand how users are engaging with their content.

The data that is stored in the database includes:

* The timestamp of when the feedback was submitted
* The URL of the page where feedback was given
* The feedback (“Yes” or “No”)
* The IP address of the user
* The device type (mobile or desktop)
* The user agent string

You can find the project on GitHub here: [**Perseo Feedback System**](

I’ve developed this project with the goal of keeping it lightweight, non-intrusive, and user-friendly. The plugin is licensed under the MIT License, so you’re welcome to contribute, modify, and distribute as you see fit.

For the next development step, I’m planning to add an option that lets site owners customize the feedback question directly from the WordPress admin panel. After that, I’ll implement a second widget that comes in from the side asking the user for more information. All these options will be manageable within the plugin’s menu.

Any contributions or suggestions to this feature or any other aspect of the plugin are welcome! Looking forward to seeing how this tool can be used and improved by the WordPress open-source community!




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