Photo title/description missing in gallery

Hmm…so I found some more posts where the titles weren’t showing. None of them were the mosaic or popup exceptions. But, regardless, I reset the Photos (Main) setting to “Below the Thumbnail”, which solved most of the problems. On a couple others, it said “use the default” except it didn’t seem to TAKE the default. If I changed it to BELOW THE THUMBNAIL, all good.

So I got them all to work, so I guess resolved?

Yet for some reason, despite copying galleries / posts over to new pages and then editing them to insert the new gallery based on the settings for the previous one, I’ll get a gallery that WILL not show my title/descriptions.

You are seeing the titles – they are showing up as tooltips (hover over any photo to verify – I am seeing “Resort”, “Church” etc.).

Photonic lets you configure settings at a global level as well as at an individual gallery’s level. Globally, you can set this for all albums via Photonic → Settings → Flickr → Photos (Main Page) → Photo Title Display. By default this is set to a tooltip.

Then, per gallery in Photonic, you can override this. When you are creating a gallery, in the Gallery Wizard, in the screen that says “Configure your layout”, there is an option called “How do you want the title?” By default, this is set to “Default from settings”, which really means that you don’t have to worry about setting it each time, and that it will pick up the global setting. From what I can surmise, you have this set to “Default from settings” for your first gallery, and have used “Below the thumbnail” for the second.


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