Pictures not showing up on post?

Hi guys! I’m trying to design a blog style website with WordPress, and I’m really struggling since I don’t have a strong background in web design. I keep finding small issues that are usually something dumb and take lots of time and google-fu for me to figure out how to fix. I’m getting a bit annoyed by fixing one thing and having it break two more things.

Anyways, I got my website looking \*fairly acceptable\* and plan to not touch anything except for my posts moving forward (for my mental health). I tried to publish the first post, and the pictures I included in a carousel aren’t showing up. They show up in the editing page but disappear when I view the published site. Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? I tried googling it, but it’s hard since there are so many factors that can affect how you would go about fixing certain problems.

This is the post: [](


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