Please help! Desperately trying to get a domain refund, NO assistance from support

On Nov 17th, I registered for a WordPress Premium account and registered a domain name. I then subsequently realized that paying for Premium STILL would not provide me the website tools I need, became frustrated, and today cancelled my subscription.

During the cancellation process, I had two options: full refund of CAD$84.75, or partial refund of CAD$67.80 but keep my domain for CAD$16.95. I chose to keep my domain.

Now, what I did NOT realize, is that I can’t even use my domain without a paid subscription, lol. So, I immediately cancelled my domain and removed it as I’m still within the 96 hour refund period for domains.

I’ve been emailing back and forth with support for HOURS trying to get them to initate the $16.95 refund, but they keep linking me to []) which has literally no information on what I’m asking.

Can anyone help me?? PLEASE.


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