Please help me to choose the right template

Hi everyone,

I’d like to build a website for an agency where I help people to invest in real estate. In the website I present the service as well as some past investments.

I have browsed hundrers of themes and I have chosen 4-5 that should fit with my idea. Now it’s very hard for me to choose the right one between those ones, could you please help me and recommend me the best one according to your experience ?

My short-list :

1) [AI Software – Sierra WordPress Theme (](

2) [Marketing – Essentials WordPress Theme by pixfort](

3) [Homepage Fast elementor – Fast elementor (](

4) [](

5) [Company Elementor – Just another Essentials Sites site (](

The ones provided by Pixfort are very “Apple style”, I don’t know if it’s the best choice there. I like their modernity but maybe I should go for the one provided by Sierra especially because of their thousands of good reviews ?

Thank you very much for your help.

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  1. Stay wide away from stuff like EnvatoMarket and builders promising the same result as a hired professional. In the end you need a solid technical base to build on. If you’re set on doing this yourself, get good(!) WordPress hosting and I’d recommend using a theme like GeneratePress with Generate Blocks Pro. They offer templates to build on as well, and are fairly well supported products that perform and will make your site last.


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