Please i ask for support


Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, Vik Booking is not the right plugin to build a multi-vendor website to manage multiple hotels or properties with different owners/managers, I’m sorry.

As we state in the description of the plugin, Vik Booking is a single-vendor PMS & Booking Engine system, and together with Vik Channel Manager and our E4jConnect service, that’s our full solution for accommodations.

As a certified All-In-One Channel Manager solution by the main OTAs such as, Expedia, Airbnb, Google Hotel etc.. we cannot provide multi-vendor functionalities. This is valid of course also for the commercial (Pro) version of our plugin. For reasons related to our partnership contracts with the various OTAs, this is a characteristic that will never change.

Treating the categories as if they were properties or hotels is not going to work for the sole reason that you cannot actually manage owners or property managers, nor can you provide information about the properties. With Vik Booking you can only set up the various room-types or listings, and although our solution is also used by Hotel chains and large Property Managers for Vacation Rentals, there is no way to give access to bookings, rates, customers etc.. only to a specific “owner”. This is because it’s a single-vendor system.

If you are looking to build a portal with multiple properties, then our solution is not the right one, I’m sorry. You should rather look for a different type of software that does not provide Channel Management functionalities, because systems that support a multi-vendor structure will never be able to offer an integrated and certified API Channel Manager like our service for the contracted reasons explained above.

The VikWP Team


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