Plug In / Conditional Form / Submission by Zip

Hello! I work for a company that has 30 locations divided up into 8 territories. We are building a parent site with lead forms.

I want to set it up so that when a potential customer enters the project zip code (which may be different than where their geolocation is), I want the submission to flow to the territory owner closest to that zip code.

Ideally, I do not want to have a custom code solution.

– Fluent Forms doesn’t offer the capability.
– Gravity Forms responded with a custom code solution.

Any other recommendations?
Much appreciated!

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  1. You want the form submission to go to the specific location?

    With Gravity Forms, you could have the notification conditional, so that based on a certain value of one of the fields, it would send to a specific person, or even redirect somewhere on submission.

    The tricky part becomes the geolocation. I think you could just say, “if zip code starts with 8” – Depending how your locations are broken up and the crossover of zips.


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