Plugin – Edit file in the backend through

Hello there,

I’m just programming my own plugin and I want it to offer the possibility to edit a specific file in the backend which stores for example custom css-code.

I used the method file_put_contents() but nothing happend, no file was stored (and the directory was correct!). So I tried it with error reporting but no error was shown. As I thought that the reason could be the directory permissions I look at the permissions of the directory of the file and of the file itself. I changed the permissions for a short time so that every permission is given for everyone (rwx-rwx-rwx) – but it still didn’t work.

Then I tried to edit the same file by using the WordPress plugin editor – and – it worked (no matter that the permission was ‘rwx-r—r–‘. But this way doesn’t fit for me cause I need a way to let my website editors only writing one but not all files of my plugin.

So now my question: How is it possible to programm a text-file-editor similar to the wordpress plugin editor but only for one specific file?

Or more general: How can I programm a text field for the backend from which the inserted text is stored in a file of the plugin directory?

Thank you


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