Plugin for displaying uploaded PDFs with descriptions

My client is a research lab and they release publications frequently.

These are PDFs.

I’m looking for a solution to allow them to upload a pdf on their own, and give it a title and description, then have that displayed in a feed on a page that allows propel to download/open the pdf file.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. CPT UI and ACF Pro is all you need.

    **Using CPT UI**: You should create a post type called “publications” or “research” or something like that.

    Set that post type up and include the following settings:

    – With Front: no
    – Publicly Queryable: no
    – Supports: (check only *title*).

    The rest of the settings you can leave or set how you see fit.

    **Using ACF**: Create an ACF field set for that post type, add the following fields:

    – Text Area
    – File (set to allow only PDF, return file URL)

    The rest of this requires you to build a loop. Depending on your theme, there may be some kind of WordPress query loop builder, or you can build it yourself. It’s quite easy with even basic html, CSS, and PHP knowledge.

    – Make sure to use the file field you set in ACF as an *a href, target blank* to open the PDF in a new tab.

    – you do not need to build a template page for this post type as the PDF will open directly from the post loop. When you set the post type to “publicly queryable: no” you’ve ensured a permalink for a single post for this post type won’t be created


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