Plugin to handle link redirection VS. making 20,000 separate pages??

I’m working on a wordpress site based around offering thousands of downloadable files that are hosted externally (Rapidgator).

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

1. User visits post on site and clicks link to download the file of their choice.

2. User is redirected to some kind of interstitial or ‘in-between’ ad page where a script that displays some ads is executed. The script will also effectively lock the page so the user can’t continue to the download link untill clicking a captcha or waiting for a countdown timer.

3. User completes captcha/timer and is either automatically redirected to the download page (ideal), or they are redirected back to the interstitial page where they can click a link that takes them to the download page.

Any ideas??

I could probably find a way to automate the creation of thousands of standalone redirection pages for each post/file on my site, but that just seems silly and like a massive pain in the ass to keep track of.

Is there a WordPress plugin or some kind of .htaccess rule that could achieve this with just a single page/template instead?

I’ve got my ads script and page locking functionality and I know creating a redirect to a page isn’t that difficult, but I’m not sure of how to pass the URL of each downloadable file to that page for the user to receive after they complete my captcha or timer. it’s passing the external link URL to the redirection page that I mostly need help with.

Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Can be done somewhat easily with a bit of custom coding and child theme, although it’ll still require some setup. I’ve done something similar once on a site with a custom theme, just to count the amount of people going through the link. If you know a bit of PHP and how to handle custom code, i can point you in the right direction.


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