Popup not showing (except for close x)

I tested it on a page, and it works perfectly – it looks amazing! But I would love to get the items to show in a post if someone can identify the issue!

Hi @intercommsa,

Unfortunately, your theme is really messing things up here. You can try to remove these style settings from your theme:

[class*=style-], [class*=local-style-], .h-global-transition, .h-global-transition-all, .h-global-transition-all * {
transition-duration: 0.5s;

and this one:

.colibri-post-content * {
text-align: initial;
font-family: inherit;
max-width: 100%;

Alternatively you can try to override them with custom css:

.open-user-map .box-wrap .map-wrap .leaflet-map .leaflet-marker-icon:not(.marker-cluster) {
transition: all 0.1s ease;

.open-user-map .box-wrap .map-wrap .leaflet-map .leaflet-popup {
max-width: none;

Best regards,


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