Possibility of easy page migration?

Hi everyone!

I am looking to build a landing page for my company and wanted to clarify couple things about WordPress. I bought the domain from a different provider, WordPress allows you to connect the domain in order to build a page. I was wondering if one day I decide to move my page from WordPress to another service how would that look like? If I buy a paid subscription, will my page be tied to them forever? If not, would it be difficult to transfer the page?

Thank you!
P.s I am new to this so I am trying to figure stuff out

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  1. Are you hosting on wordpress.com?

    Then yes, likely will be difficult to backup-restore at another location, because you can’t even install plugins on WordPress.com, not sure what native options they offer clients to backup the entire WordPress including themes, plugins, etc.

    I pay $3.50/mon at Stablehost.com and host my own WordPress. They give you cPanel access where you can 1-click install WordPress on your website, and point your domain to Stablehost, and that’s it.

    From there, I suggest installing LiteSpeed Cache plugin, makes the WordPress really fast. Just need to go into cPanel > PHP settings, and enable Opcache and Memcached (just check the boxes and click save). Also while there, I suggest selecting the latest version of PHP, 8.1 I think, and clicking Save.

    Also, once you’re in WordPress, install Updraft Plus Backup & Restore plugin, hook it up to a Google Drive account (I suggest creating a new Google account just for this purpose).

    Whenever you make big theme or plugin changes, or you edit a lot of pages or content, afterwards always go into Updraft and “Create Backup”. In settings, change it to save at least the latest 10 backups.

    This way if you screw up the website at one point, or an update breaks your WordPress, you can easily roll-back any unwanted changes to a time when your WordPress worked.

    And if you’re hacked, you’ll also have a backup of your entire site on Google Drive, ready to be uploaded somewhere else.


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