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Before I dive in too far, did you reach out via contact form earlier? This is sounding very much like a reply I just sent in our ticketing system.

If you’re trying to have some posts created, originally from an “article” post type, show up in queries for the “post” post type, which is what “Posts (WP Core)” represents, you’ll need to either switch their post type, which is possible, but removes from an “articles” section, or you would need to make sure the taxonomy archive queries are including both “post” and “article” post types in what they should be displaying.

Hey Michael, thank you for the help!

No that was not me.

What you are saying is exactly what I want to do! I would like to change the post type from “Article” to “Posts (WP Core). Its fine if its removed from article section. Its just that when changing it under “Attach to post type” it doesn’t seem to be taking effect. The elementor widgets I use for blog post isn’t loading “articles” under “posts (wp core). It is still loading under “Articles” despite changing it and purging cache.

Probably the best thing to do here is going to be to make use of or similar, since I know already we can’t use the “migrate” portion of CPTUI since you wouldn’t be able to rename the post type to “post”. So a plugin like that, which can do bulk, would be best here.

Thanks, will take a look!


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