Posts indexed but doesnt appear in google search results

… but when i try to check them on google via direct search like this (site:url) it doesnt open or says your url did not match any documents.,

It does appear, at least for me.

This is a ranking problem, and not an indexing problem.

But as the post was published just about 24 hours ago, there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re expecting too much too quickly!

Hi @aamu

I checked your post here:- and no issue.

If you recently submitted your Sitemap to Google. Give Google 1-2 days to re-index and crawl your website.

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sorry the link i provide is of yestardays post but the issue is with the the posts that i published today anyways, as my content is about current affairs , daily basis search intent , it is not okay if it appears one day later or two days , it will be no longer worthable

it is not okay if it appears one day later or two days , it will be no longer worthable

In that case, a search engine might not be the best source of traffic for you. Maybe you should run pay-per-click ads to get visitors to see your content.

Good luck!

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Bro if it was that simple , i would have done it , and why should i do it as there is already alot to gain from organic searches. my only issue is why my posts arent bieng on google search engine ,is there anything wrong in wordpress settings or something else that im trying to figure out,


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