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I installed your plugin but I need more informations than the doc on its use.

We need to create a magazine organized like that :

– 1 Magazine per month
– Main categories (News, financial, education…)
– Sub categories (for “education” we could have “college”, “school”, etc.)

For a post we check its sub cat, and the magazine to appear into.
For each magazine we can check the main categories to show only some thematics.
For ex. Mag N1 we talk about News and Education, Mag N°2 we talk about Financial and Sport only.

I checked plugin and added a Magazine as a serie, Series categories as main/thematic categories and several “classic” categories.

First problem is I cannot link “classic” categories to Series categories (as part of these “thematic” cats)

And when we create a post we can choose “classic” category, magazine name but not series categories.

I think I don’t use the plugin as it should and missed something. Could you help ?

Last question : is there a way to show posts only by month? I mean, we have magazines, with posts organised by thematics/categories but we would offer users the possibility to see posts archive by month. How can I use your plugin in that way ? Shortcode.
Best regards.


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