Preconfigured Search based image filtering


I have an extensive image gallery and I’ll need to give the website users the possibility to easily filter them, but it’s going to be very inconvenient to have to attribute tags/categories to them individually, so I’m looking for a solution that would display a few filter options to the end user that would be essentially title searches in disguise. The images have all of the important data in the titles eg. “Adec 500, 9011”.

I’m looking for a plugin that would allow me to do the following:

1. Set up preconfigured search based filters for website users
2. Allow them to select multiple queries at the same time
3. After the selection the gallery would display only the images that contain selected “filters” in their titles as in every picture that contains both “Adec 500” AND “9011” if the user selected those two filters.

Is there a plugin that would help me or do I have to resort to custom code?

Thanks in advance


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