Price for integrating a payment gateway to a membership plugin costing USD 5000. Is the price reasonable or high? Why is the price so high for an integration and can it be done cheaply?

Non-native English speaker here.

I live in Bangladesh and PayPal and Stripe and most payment gateways are not supported here. The only payment gateways that are available in Bangladesh is 2checkout and FastSpring.

I am building a monthly subscription based membership website on WordPress. I could not find any membership plugin that supports 2checkout and FastSpring.

I am using Paid Memberships Pro as my membership plugin at the moment and they like other membership plugins do not have any integration with 2checkout and FastSpring. They used to support Fastspring before but dont anymore.

On the Paid Memberships Pro website, it says: “It should be noted that adding support for a new gateway is not an “easy” thing to do. We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year maintaining the gateways bundled with PMPro. Developers will likely charge a minimum of $5,000 USD to start a project like this.”


My question is:

* Is this claim correct? That developers are going to charge USD 5000 to integrate a Payment gateway like 2checkout or Fastspring to a membership plugin?

* Why is the price so high? What does the work entail in order to demand such high prices?

* [Stupid Question]: Why can’t the work be done using ChatGPT, or a how-to article from the internet by a wordpress developer?

* Is there any way to have the work done cheaply? If so, how and at what cost?

  1. Ngl I haven’t really looked into this other than just what I’m assuming in my head, but it’s probably a super niche API someone has built and is selling for payment processing, maybe spend the next year learning it, create your own and compete in the market for a plugin that offers the payment processors of 2spring or Fastcheckout

  2. EDD + ProteusPay could do the trick. EDD has addons for subscriptions and integrations with membership plugins.


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