Problem with migrating website

Hi all,

I have a big problem with the migrating site. I use All in 1 migrating tool (version 6.77) and uploaded a backup file with FileZilla in we-content/ai1wm-backups . But when I click to restore the backup, the database restore is stuck at 52%. After 2 hours, I reloaded the page and crashed the website. Tomorrow I will get a clean install of WordPress, but I don’t know why this problem occurs. I don’t have much time to finish this job.

Please help.

EDIT : Everything except database was successfuly migrated.

  1. Are you migrating from a multisite to a single site? The table prefix could be causing issues.

    Also, look into WP Migrate. You add the plug-in on both sites (old and new install) then pull via their API. In the source site, there’s a URL in the plug-in settings that you paste into the destination site plugin settings and then you can pull the site and select all the themes, plug-ins, files, databases and even perform a search and replace during the migration.

    Just don’t lock your computer or let it go to sleep during the migration

  2. Export the sql file from the old site via phpmyadmin, then import it into the new site via the same method.

  3. if your database is too big, you should export and import the database using terminal


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