Product and Order Migration


I want to develop a reliable method for migrating products, orders, and customers between a WooCommerce test and live systems. Ideally, I could automate the process. I prefer not to use plugins and would like to use a subset of the REST API, CLI, and SQL.

Currently, this is what I’m doing:

1. I migrate the products through the WooCommerce REST API, which is relatively straightforward, except that I need to copy the images via SFTP afterward.
2. I can update previous orders through the REST API similarly, but I cannot migrate new orders because no endpoint is available. There is only an endpoint for creating a new order, but it’s not the same ([]( Therefore, I copy the new orders using SQL.
3. I also copy the new customers using SQL because the REST API doesn’t have a filter that returns only the new customers after a specific date ([](

I tried copying the products using SQL, but I found that if the appearance of the product page has changed in the meantime, the page layout breaks. So, this isn’t a viable solution.

How can I do this more efficiently, using solely the REST API or SQL (or perhaps CLI)?


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