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I have edited your pull request on github:

@rogierlankhorst Thanks, but the translation problem remains.

Sorry to hear that. As this is the implementation as provided by qtranslate, I don’t have any suggestions here.

I don’t know how qtranslate works, so I also can’t tell you why it doesn’t work.

The translation works with the language tags, for example: [:it] Italian and [:en] English, for some texts and buttons of the cookie banner it works for others but not, for example: the deny button, the title text and the text description of functional cookies, marketing etc …

I attached a screenshot in the first post.

If I disable the qTranslate-XT integration within Complianz, it clears all language tags, not just the aforementioned. Maybe there is a compatibility error between the two or some keywords are missing in the integration?

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Ok, I have made some adjustments based on your input, which allows for the ‘text’ indexes. Let me know if that works.

Great, the new change works! The translation of the cookie banner is now visible in both languages, Italian text for the Italian cookie banner and the same for the English one. A thousand thanks!

Great, thanks for confirming 👍


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