Query Prefilled – Stripe payment form for RECURRING Payments


I’m trying to find a way to send my client database a payment link that is already prefilled with their info.

Thought of creating an automatic payment link in google sheets(where i import client data – Name, Mail, Phone, Price to pay) and i create a ***link.***

Now i cannot find a solution for wordpress in which i can create a form that allows me to dynamically change the stripe payment price and also allow me to have recurring payments.

Is there a way to do that?

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  1. Gravity is paid, and requires another plugin (gravity_stripe) for recurring payments. Google can help you see if there’s a better/cheaper option.

    But you can set gravity (and fluent forms/wpforms/formidable/maybe others) to pull information from a url. So send a link with [mywebsite.com/?info=personsname](https://mywebsite.com/?info=personsname)

    And the form can grab this info. They are called url parameters. The form can then take stripe payments. Several will also let you set-up a subscription BUT, the reason I mention plugins, is that the user has no control of this subscription – you have to manage it. That’s fine if you have only 2-3 clients. But more than that and you will find you have to manage all the cancellations, change of card details etc. It could be a lot of work.

    As for recurring payments where the user can manage their own payments/card details etc… the only free solution I know requires Woocommerce and the WPSwings plugin.


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