Query Regarding Traffic Rate-Limiting and Block Bad IP/Visitors Functionality

I am reaching out to seek clarification regarding the Traffic Rate-Limiting functionality and Block Bad IP/Visitors functionality, particularly concerning IP addresses provided via the CrowdSec Community IP Reputation Database.

We are looking to enhance our site’s security by implementing rate limiting for Proxy/VPN/Tor IP Addresses. After reviewing ShieldPro’s features, I understand that to block bad IP/Visitors (Proxy/VPN/Tor), we can add a blocklist via the CrowdSec Community IP Reputation Database with the CrowdSec IP Blocking option set to “Block Request.” This entails purchasing a premium plan from CrowdSec and updating their CrowdSec Enroll ID in your plugin settings at Dashboard » Config » Block Bad IPs/Visitors » CrowdSec Community IP Reputation Database.

Furthermore, we have already employed the rate-limiting feature at Dashboard » Config » Traffic Log » Traffic Rate-Limiting. However, our specific requirement is to implement rate limiting for IP addresses detected as VPN/Proxy/Tor IP Addresses via the aforementioned blocklists, rather than applying rate limiting to the entire traffic.

Could you please provide guidance on how we can configure the rate-limiting feature to apply only to the identified VPN/Proxy/Tor IP Addresses listed in the CrowdSec Community IP Reputation Database?

Your prompt assistance on this matter is highly appreciated.


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