Question about creating my own website

Hi, I posted a question couple of nights ago but it seems that I can not access it (somehow).
Anyways, I am currently creating my own website/web magazine about cars, and I have a slight problem. As you can see on the picture bellow, I have created couple of “testing posts” and these are five “latest’s” posts, however, I have created a few more couple of days ago, and they are **OLDER** posts, but they are memorized in “posts” section.

I have found the “latest’s section” in Patterns—Featured, however, where do I find a section for “older posts” where besides these five posts, I can add OLDER posts (the ones from days ago)??

And after I write new posts, the current ones become older ones (one by one) so they move down the line; new posts is the one with biggest picture (like the one with yellow car on the picture below) and the OLDEST one gets removed, tomorrow, a new post, the OLDEST one gets removed, (the one with yellow car is now second) and couple of days later, the post with yellow car gets the OLDEST and gets removed after the newer posts are out.
If you have any questions, please write them below. Hopefully I have explained all of it clearly. Tnx


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  1. So I have found this Grid of posts which might work, since I can see my older posts (the ones that are not LATEST) however, I can see latest posts aswell, is there a way to show only older posts?


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