Question about logon for site owner

I am new to this web hosting. I am just curious and wondering about how editing the site goes when self hosting. My buddy has a small business and I offered to host a website for him on my home server. I am just wondering how he can edit the site without him being on my network. If I host the site is there an account he can log into and access my server remotely to edit it, add posts, changes photos, and the general site content maintenance. Or does he need to be on my network in order to make changes to the site? Cause if thats the case I would need to setup a VPN for him to access my network and make changes to his site.

  1. Don’t host on a home server. Get some proper WP hosting at a reputable company (not godaddy, bluehost, or anyone affiliated with EIG).

    As long as the website is public, users can log in and create content. In your WP dashboard, go to Users > Add New and create an account (and give them editor or Administrator access). They can log into that account and create content for their site.

    I’d recommend watching some youtube videos on WordPress – it sounds like you’re very new and don’t understand the basics.

  2. This is a networking question; not a WordPress question. If your network isn’t publicly accessible, how will your buddy’s potential customers see the website? If it is publicly accessible, he can go to and login if you’ve given him a user account. If you’re unsure, you shouldn’t be hosting a website at all because you can’t adequate support it and ensure it’s secure.


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