Question for the freelancers


For any freelancers here I have a few questions:

1. Do you create a hosting account under the client’s name so that they directly pay every month?

2. If I build my sites through Elementor Pro, obviously its cheaper if you have a package which covers many sites so it makes sense for the Elementor to be under my name. But what If I was to quit one day? Would I then tell them that they will have to pay the Elementor fee from then on?

3. Is there anything else I should be paying other than for hosting and the optional elementor pro? Maybe for security?

4. I am aware of the plugin Pro Elements which offers the widgets from Elements Pro although there must be some benefits from going ahead and paying for the service?

I suppose what I’m asking really is how do I go about this properly while not f*** myself over in the future. Ideally it would be nice to get a one off payment for the website upon completion and than charge them for whatever needs changing in the future with no strings attached.

Also if anyone could suggest a good hosting provider for the UK that would be great!

Also alternative plugins and theme suggestions are welcome too.

I appreciate all responses! Thanks


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