Questions about Menu Positioning and Elementor

Hi all. I’m making a website for my friend’s company. I’m pretty tech savvy but for some reason I’m not understanding things that I think should be “basic”. I hope someone can help provide some clarity

I’m creating it locally and using a Kenta theme with Elementor

My questions:

1. I want each page to be different “About Us” “News” etc. How come the Video I inserted appears on all pages, and how do I get it to only appear on the Home page. It feels like I’m editing all pages at once somehow.
2. How do I edit the Font size and the POSITION of the Menu. It seems crazy to think they wouldn’t allow you to freely move it, you can move things freely in Microsoft Word or Photoshop, but I guess it doesn’t work that way when it comes to web design. I tried everything I could find in the Header Builder (Width, Padding) and it only moves so far. I would like to move it down more and right a bit. Also I’d like the Logo to be more to the left, but couldn’t figure that out either despite the layout having plenty of space
3. How come Elementor doesn’t show me what the header looks like now? It did before, but now I have to go back to the regular view to see it

**Sorry for the basic questions, thanks in advance for the help!**

**Some pics**

The website as it looks now: [](

When I click on pages like “About Us”: [](

What it looks like editing in Elementor: [](


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