Quick Simple Question About Image Optimization Plugins

Hi @kjy112,

Thank you for your message.

This plugin allows you to convert images to the WebP format and to the AVIF format (the AVIF format allows you to further reduce the weight of the images compared to WebP). Our plugin does not modify the original files and in my opinion you don’t need another plugin to optimize them.

How does it work?

When the browser tries to download an image file, the server checks if it supports the AVIF format (if enabled in the plugin settings). If so, the browser will receive an equivalent of the original image in AVIF format. If it does not support AVIF, but supports the WebP format, the browser will receive an equivalent of the original image in WebP format. If the browser does not support either WebP or AVIF, the original image is loaded. This means full support for all browsers.

Can you give me your website URL? I will simulate for you how much you will gain by using our plugin.


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Hey Mateusz,

Thank you for the quick response. We are already using your plugin for WebP. The thing is if WebP isn’t supported, we figured we want to serve the optimized original images to the end user as a fall back. I guess based on your opinion, what’s % of current user actually don’t need the original image served?

@kjy112 WebP is supported by 96% of browsers (https://caniuse.com/webp). However, the AVIF format is supported by 80% of browsers (https://caniuse.com/avif). This means that a very small percentage of users do not support either AVIF or WebP.

In my opinion, it’s not worth focusing on optimizing images for them. It’s better to keep the original images in the original.

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Makes perfect sense based on statistics. Ty so much @mateuszgbiorczyk


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