Quiz or Survey that guides user experience in WordPress help

Does anyone know how I’d accomplish this? I want to guide user experience by flagging content for users based on a survey, and marking that content recommended either read / unread in their profile and elsewhere for them as they progress.

Drilling it down or distilling it to the basics, the user performs a quiz or survey and gets recommended the relevant content to them based on their answers. This might be 2 posts, or 50 posts. doesn’t matter.

I’m assuming a Quiz / Survey plugin exists, but each one I’ve tried wants “premium” money to get to something usable. I know what I want is a complex decision tree Survey type Quiz. I don’t know which one would be able to handle the below type of logic:

Q.1 Do you like Cheese – Answer Yes -> recommend the Cheese content -> go to question 3

Answer No -> go to question 2

Q.2 Do you want to see Cheese free Canapes? – Answer Yes -> Recommend the cheese-free Canapes -> go to Question 5

Q3. Do you like strong cheese -> Answer Yes -> recommend smelly cheese category -> etc

Q4 Do you like meat -> Answer Yes -> recommend meat tag -> etc

It’s at this point that my head starts falling off… store the survey response in the database so that it can be given back on the users profile as a recommendation, “hey Mr User, your survey said you should be reading X y Z”.

Then clear or mark the list cleared or read as the user reads or accesses those articles to show their progression.


Any help would be great, even if its, I know how to develop and can defiantly do this…


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