Re: Changing the excessive default reading time on posts from a site

Hi redditors, I hope you’re all well. So, I’m a freelance writer creating blogs for a client who has asked me to publish them from his WordPress site. So I have admin access to it now, and the thing that’s been bugging and frustrating me is how the reading time for each is WAY above what it should be. I have spent a few hours trying to fix this, but no luck.

One thing I do suspect is the whole thing about the site being a site than a .org one. I feel like the former is more limited when it comes to features and settings. Has anyone experienced this same issue I’m referring to? Is there a way to remove the estimated reading time completely or be able to add your own?

Any responses to this question would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. WordPress does not have an “estimated reading time”.

    So you would need to find out what they’re doing to create that in the first place.

    If you think it’s a com site, you should probably ask them on the com systems.


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