Really Screwed My Practice Site Up. Trying to Get Back to One. Please Help.

Hi All,

Had an issue where my Bricks Builder site began to appear like this:


* Per add’l guidance, attempted to activate WP-Debug by revising the wp-config.php file to include the Debug log only to discover (via a look at my FTP) that my settings.php folder was nowhere to be found.
* Seeing this, I decided to completely reinstall WordPress.
* Had to do this manually (clicking and dragging from the WP installation zip file’s contents into my FTP site contents) seeing as I could no longer enter my site via WP-Admin.
* Site is still not working. Jetpack can’t communicate with my site.
* If I try to click on the Jetpack dash, it says, “the page isn’t working — \[my site\] is currently unable to handle this request. — 500 code.”
* On the plus side, wp-settings.php, etc. is in there! ;-).

What can I do?


1 Comment
  1. That is just a view of the browser inspector. It doesn’t give us any actual information.


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