Really weird problem (need help)

Hello. In order to translate my website, i decided to use polylang + duplicate page plugin where i can duplicate, edit with elementor and change website language, to save much time. But the problem i am facing with is really strange. However, when i duplicate page (it is same with polylang duplicate page, or with external plugin or any other duplicate page plugin), the header menu is **completely changed** on the **duplicated page**, even has the different logo that i dont use anymore. How can i fix this. I am using standard duplicate page plugin for almost 1y and i have never experienced this type of problem.

Screenshots are here.

Much appreciated for any help <3 !

[]( \- Regular menu that i use with logo

[]( \- When i hit duplicate page this is completely changed menu with different logo i used on early site stage

  1. Thank you all for help. The fix was to calibrate header visibility in provider theme settings ! Ty all ❤️


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