Recent update caused an error in the site

Does the error keep occurring? Because it only should occur once after update, as other people (including myself) reported in this topic.

I’m working on a fix as we speak. But I must admit, it’s a weird bug.

Hi, @daanvandenbergh 🙂 thank you for the quick update.

I have multiple domains, in which using your plugin but I updated only in my main website but after the update other than the error I got in email. My website is constantly getting 520 error in-between randomly. At first, I thought this must be HOSTING ISSUE (origin server error) so I contacted my Hosting provider explained everything and their weirdest response was to change the theme.

I mean I have been using WordPress for quite long time now, I don’t see anything wrong in theme setup & theme provider @wpsoul is really good tweaking bugs & all. I don’t blame anything on the them. So, then when I checked the email regarding this error, it clicked to me that other sub-domains which have same setup as which is also hosted in same hosting everything ditto setup only thing is that I didn’t update the CAOS plugin & I never faced error 520 in those SUB-domains.

So, @daanvandenbergh I think I am the only one facing this issue using your plugin for now, is there a way I can reverse to previous version, that way we may conclude that this is definitely the recent update issue. After all we need to find the root cause. 🙂

Thank you.

I just released an update which explicitly checks if that function (get_current_file_key()) exists. So, you should be all good after installing v4.3.3.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi, @daanvandenbergh I am really sorry for the trouble I caused you. It was I guess coincidence with SSL in root server has real issue that’s why my website getting 520 ERROR. Your plugin has nothing to do with it.

What happened is, mostly when I log-in to admin page first I try to update the available updates then whatever the work is for the day, so it was like I did update and the issue got exactly at the same time in front end. So, in fact the issue is in hosting SSL not in your plugin for the ERROR 520.

Thank you. for the quick fix by the way. 🙁 I had to delete it because hosting provider said issue is in plugin or theme, finally I found it was SSL issue. So will install it again.

Hey! No problem, thanks for clarifying!


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